• 28th Ronde van Aruba – 15 May 2020

  • Days
    • Date

      May 15th 2020 @ 8 P.M.

    • Location

      Mariniers Kazerne, Aruba

    • Distance

      72 Kilometers

    • Categories

      Single, 2 Person Relay, 4 Person Relay




    • Registration Opens January 10th!

      Registration for the 28th Edition of the Ronde van Aruba will be open on the 10th of January 2020 at Patrishi Sports Store.

    Registration Opens January 10th!

    December 23, 2019


    10January 12:00 pm

    First Day of Registration
    Register Now by clicking on the “Register” button at the top of the page.
    There is an option Register & Pay Online or Pre-Registration & Pay at Patrishi Sports. There is no reservation with Pre-Registration, ONLY Payment secures participation.

    14May 5:00 pm

    Pasta Night takes place the day before the event on the 14th of May from 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. at the Mariniers Kazerne.
    All participants & their driver/coach are invited to enjoy the FREE Pasta Night. Afterward, there is the Opening Ceremony at 7:00 P.M.

    15May 7:00 pm

    Compulsory Information Night & Package Pick Up
    Date: Thursday, 14th of May 2020
    Time: 7:00 P.M.
    Location: Marinierskazerne Sporthal

    15May 8:00 pm

    Start Of The Race
    Date: Friday, 15th of May 2020
    Time: 8 P.M.
    Location: Marinierskazerne, Savaneta

    16May 8:00 pm

    Evening Celebration
    Date: Saturday, 16th of May 2019
    Time: 8 P.M.
    Location: Marinierskazerne, Savaneta


    Every participant receives a commemorative Shirt

    Every Participant that takes part in the Ronde van Aruba 2020 will receive a commemorative Ronde van Aruba 2020 Dri-Fit Shirt.

    Every participant receives a commemorative Shirt
    2020 Ronde van Aruba Finisher's Medal

    Every participant that crosses the finish line will receive a Ronde van Aruba 2020 Finisher's Medal to commemorate this achievement.

    2020 Ronde van Aruba Finisher's Medal
    Pasta Night

    Pasta Night takes place Thursday, 14th of May, from 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. at the Mariniers Kazerne. All participants and their driver/coach are invited to enjoy the FREE Pasta Night.

    Pasta Night
    Winner's Awards

    ​Awards are bestowed for the Top 3 in the following categories: Individual, Duo (Female/Male/Mix), Estafette Categories (Under 120/121-160/161-200/Over 200/Females/Mix)

    Winner's Awards



    The Ronde van Aruba is a running event. Participation is not open to walkers.
    The participant or team must complete the course within 9 hours.
    In situations that are not covered completely or partially by the race regulations, the race director is the only one that can make a judgement call and his decision will be final.
    1. Each team is allowed a driver and a coach in the car. 2. The driver is allowed to be both driver and coach. 3. The coach of the team must be recognizable by wearing the Ronde van Aruba 2019 Coach Shirt during the race. 4. The driver and coach are not allowed to be a participating member of the team. 5. Before the start of the race, there is a car control, inspecting if there are spare tires, jacks, and proper lights. If one of these 3 aspects is not present, disqualification will follow. 6. The coach is the only person allowed to have contact between the team and the race director/medical team and must, therefore, have a working phone in the car at all times with the mobile number provided to the race director/medical team. 7. The coach is the only person that can send in a written protest on behalf of the team. 8. The coach must be present during the race briefing the night before to take note of any last-minute changes to the race and its regulations.
    Each team consists of either 2 team members of 4 team members. Other team compositions is not permitted.
    A relay team or individual runner is allowed to be accompanied on the road only by their coach who has to be wearing the Ronde van Aruba coach shirt. The runner is not allowed to be accompanied on the road by any one else.
    No team is allowed to have runners in reserve. The 2 or 4 runners registered are the only ones allowed to participate for the team. Any team with reserve runners will be disqualified.
    On the Registration Form, each team must indicate the names of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th relay runner and this is the running order that the team is required to maintain during the race. Any changes to this order must be handed officially no later than the end of the information session the night before.
    • There has to be a medical report present of all the individual runners • For Duo runners, the course is split into 4 pieces so that both run two distances and take terms. The first distance reaches from the start to the 2nd exchange post, the second distance is from the 2nd exchange post to the 4th, the third distance reaches from the 4th exchange post to the 6th, and the last distance is from the 6th exchange to the Finish. • The vehicle of the runners must make sure that there is light on the road for protection of their runner but also for other runners in vicinity. • The runner may not use the vehicle at any moment while on course to move forward. • The driver is responsible for the safety of the runner on the road and in the vehicle. • The vehicle has to follow the traffic rules of the island of Aruba and the police. • The vehicle has to have the start number of the team on it and this has to be visible to others. • The vehicle stays as close as possible to the active runner during the race for safety reasons. • When the vehicle is near an exchange post, the driver will see a sign of 200 meters before the post, the vehicle must then ride in front to the post so that the exchange of runner can be done without a problem. • The driver/vehicle must remain outside the official exchange post where only runners are allowed. • The driver and runner must follow the direction of the race coordination at the exchange post in relation to the coordination of all vehicles there. • The exchange of runners occurs through the passing of the Mylaps multi-sport tag from one participant to the next. The person with the multi-sport tag is the active runner on the course. • Per team, only 1 vehicle is allowed on course. • Trailerwagons are not allowed to be used als part of the vehicle due to safety. • It is not allowed to have bikers, quads or any other of these type of vehicles on course along with the official team vehicle to assist the active runner.
    1. The car has not passed inspection: Lights, jack or spare tire were not in working order. 2. When a active runner has to walk for a prolonged period on the course, makes use of the car for transporation or any other method of assistance not deemed in the spirit of the race. 3. When a relay team does not run on the course in the order stipulated in the registration. Example if Runner 2, runs the part of the course in the place of runner 3. 4. When a team skips an exchange area along the way. 5. When a relay team does not do the exchange of active runners in the exchange box. 6. The relay exchange is done in a different way than is instructed in the information session or if the car enters the exchange area. 7. If a team car is hindering the trajectory of other team's participants. 8. When a participant is no longer able to complete his or her part of the course.


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